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Members and Applicants

Lord Ahriman, Apr 5, 12 2:10 PM.
Please sign up with your ingame names.  If you do not, and we are unable to see you in our roster then you will not be admitted.


Site Additions

Lord Ahriman, Apr 5, 12 4:48 AM.

Wanted to make sure that you are aware of the features thus far added to this site.  They are all added to benefit you and add to the gameplay we currently enjoy:

  1. Shout Box - leave real time shout outs to our alliance members.  Feel free to share any information of use for a quick conversation when not in game.
  2. We have our own personal Alliance Chat similiar to whats in the game.  If you're looking for an additional place to communicate - it's to the right hand side :)
  3. Play Schedule - located below, you can add things like "I am out this week" to "Were all going to attack X Alliance because they attacked one of our Lords..." so that everyone can plan around that.
  4. Forums - Located at  the top, there are rewards and standings based upon the amount of interaction you show.  Want to be an Overlord, but can't quite get there in game?  Well youcan be in the forums and more!
  5. Gallery - For those that want to share information about themselves.  Maybe you got a new computer, car, passed that hard test, or just want to share pics about you.  Here is the place to do it.  You can do this to the right hand side and up above running across the top.
  6. Resource Request - Just like it sounds.  Want to request resources?  Here is the place to do it.
  7. Mail System - A fuller mail system than what is currently in game.  More options for you means a better experience.

Feel free to send a shout out to any of the admins for things you want changed and/or added.

Looking to Join DeathWings? Here's how!

Lord Ahriman, Apr 5, 12 3:07 AM.
All you have to do is click the link Join DeathWings - Thirst of Night next to the login portion above.  You will be prompted to input your information along with answering a few questions.  After submitting, it will be sent for review to the admin team.  Current members will have a shorter wait time than non-deathwings members.

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